CV – Diana Terlević Dabić

Prim. Diana Terlević Dabić, DDM, PhD graduated on the Faculty of Medicine, the Dental Medicine Section, at University of Ljubljana. During studying she was student assistant on the Department of Periodontology and was actively involved in the scientific research upon structure of dental cement by use of magnetic resonance. She finishes postgraduate studies under the theme Periodontal diseases and psychosomatic factors.

From the year 2006-2012. she was the vice-president of the Assembly Medical Chamber of Slovenia. From the year 2012-2017 she wass the vice-president of the Dental Health Care Committee of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia . She is president of the private dentists commission, member of the expert collegium for dentistry, advisory body of Ministry of Health for Dentistry. As a coordinator for the postgraduate development for the dentists she organized many domestic as well as nine international congresses and participate as a speaker at medical conferences. She participated in the foundation of K4 organisation which brought together Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Slovenian Dental Chamber. She participated in the organisation of International congress of new technologies in Zagreb, Skopje, Sarajevo and Ljubljana. She is honorary member of the Croatian and Macedonian Dental Chamber.

In the year 2014.and 2017 she led national preventive programme »Early diagnosis of mouth cancer could save your life« dedicated to the early detection of oral cancer and its prevention as well as other projects regarding positive promotion of the oral health.

From the year 2014. she is the Member of the International editorial committee of the Bosnian Journal of Dental Medicine. She actively participates within international dental associations (Council of European Dentists, FEDCAR).

In the year 2016 she graduate her doctoral study at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, under the theme Comparison of the low level laser and acupuncture in the treatment of hyposalivation and become doctor of science ( PhD ).

In 2017, the Ministry of Health of Slovenia, due to exceptional achievements in the field of dental medicine, promote her to title primarium.

She works in her private dental clinic from the year 1998 in dental medicine and in the field of Anti-aging and Aesthetic medicine. She is mentor for young doctors of dental medicine.