About us

The South East Europe Facial Aesthetic Society (SEEFAS) was founded in Zagreb, the region’s centre of excellence for non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures in aesthetic medicine.

The vision and mission of the South East Europe Facial Aesthetic Society (SEEFAS) are to bring together interested colleagues with a view to further education, exchanging experiences, professional development and advancement and organising scientific symposiums in cooperation with international organisations related to medical professions dealing with aesthetics, medicine with a special interest in non-surgical and minimally invasive facial aesthetics and the development of the medical profession and healthcare generally.

The SEEFAS is active in the region of South East Europe: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey.

The Society aims to gather a multidisciplinary team of professionals who deal with non-surgical and minimally invasive methods in aesthetic medicine.

This relatively new branch of aesthetic medicine is attracting ever greater interest among plastic surgeons and doctors of dental medicine, as well as dermatologists, maxillofacial surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and other medical specialists.

The SEEFAS presidency and assembly consist of esteemed and well-regarded regional experts from the world of aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, doctors of science as well as world experts from different areas of medicine.

The Society’s purpose is to ensure the development and establish guidelines of work on and the application of dermal fillers, botulinum toxin type A and other methods, materials and drugs used in facial aesthetics with a stress on a non-invasive and non-surgical approach.

SEEFAS has educational centres in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

In the last few years, SEEFAS has co-organised several major theoretical/practical symposiums at which participants, in addition to superior accommodation and multi-day education, were provided with a rich social programme and several smaller one-day courses where many participants have so far acquired knowledge.

After completing the education, all participants become certified SEEFAS members and are awarded with the:


The main goals of the Society are:

  1. Education through the organisation of congresses and symposiums
  2. Running workshops on hands-on modules after which the SEEFAS issues participants with certificates of qualification to allow them to operate
  3. Cooperation with all interested medical specialists
  4. Cooperation with similar interested international organisations
  5. Promotion through publications of the value and significance of non-surgical and minimally invasive methods in anti-ageing treatments of aesthetic medicine
  6. Assuming the role of a professional and the main advisory body in the region of South East Europe for education in minimally invasive and non-surgical anti-ageing methods

SEEFAS is a partner of the Croatian Society for Facial Aesthetics – HDEL.